In the Loop at Synchro Capers January 26 2014, 0 Comments

Open the e store on Friday, set up a vendor table at Synchro Capers hosted by Skate Oakville at Sixteen Mile Creek Sports Complex on Saturday ... that's the kind of week it has been here at In the Loop.

Synchro Capers is one of the largest Synchro competitions in Canada hosted at the largest club in Canada and oh my is it an energy filled (and loud!) event. Synchro skaters take "TEAM" to a completely different level with every member decked out in matching gear. Even the parents get in on the action with matching scarves, or hats, or t-shirts! Our skaters skate singles and dance and we had never been to a Synchro competition before. It is a completely different world filled with chanting and cheering and teams moving around in packs ... kind of like a hockey tournament but with glitter and bows.


We were in a high traffic area and I must say that the Kiss & Cry Angels turned a lot of heads. It was very interesting to see people's reactions to the totes, especially those, like the majority, who had never seen them around and didn't have clue what they were for. They guessed they were lunch bags (probably could be) or makeup bags (another possibility), but when we pointed out their intended use of taking everything to the boards and how handy they are for keeping all your gear organized and in one place, you could literally see the light bulb go on. And when we pointed out the strap on the back to put the tote on top of a Zuca bag or wheeled suitcase, people, parents especially, were wowed by the bags.


Parents wanted to know "do the totes close?" No they don't, and that's done on purpose so there's nothing to fiddle with at the boards if a skater needs to get at something. No wasted time at the rink is a good thing! Others wanted to know "doesn't stuff fall out when it's on top of the Zuca?"  I can report first had that it doesn't ~ our skaters use large water bottles and even they stay put when the totes are riding on the Zuca. The construction of Kiss and Cry Rink Angels is such that things are nice and snug inside and despite the open top everything stays put.

Skaters and parents who had seen the totes before were happy to see them in Canada. We had lots of comments that people had looked into buying one from the US for Christmas, but the cost was too high with shipping and taxes factored in. Others commented that they had looked high and low for the totes but could not figure out how to order one. We were happy to tell them "Now you've found us!" and to ask them to spread the word!


We are headed back to Capers today for another day filled with Synchro energy, maybe we'll see you there!