Bubbly ~ Crimson Pink


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Kiss and Cry Angels Bubbly totes make a splash at the rink in a variety of updated lively and bubbly colours. With space for all your gear like your water bottle, music, guards and more, your Bubbly Pink Kiss and Cry Angels rink tote will become part of your essential skating gear.

Bubbly Crimson Pink  has lots of personality and you can make it all your own when you add your own charms and bling.

    Personal items and decoration not included (Display purposes only)
    Actual colour and feel may vary from photo
    Prices are subject to change without notice



      Features of every Kiss and Cry Angels Rink Tote:


      Designed for skaters who step onto the ice every day with hands full of gear, Kiss and Cry Angels rink totes have room to carry everything you need. With an open top and pockets, you can keep all your gear organized and easily accessible. Gymnasts and dancers will also find the totes useful to carry their gear to the gym and studio.

      • sturdy construction inside and out
      • short handles that fold down out of the way but make the tote easy to carry
      • side pockets just right for your music
      • a back strap so your tote can ride on your Zuca bag or suitcase handle, making it even easier to get to the rink
      • front pockets for all your small gear like phones, iPods, and pens
      • main compartment has a detachable divider ~ leave it in and it's the perfect size for a square tissue box with room on the other side for your water bottle, guards and other gear
      • take the divider out and the tote is perfectly sized for a standard tissue box

      Approximate size (varies slightly between styles) : 9.5" x 6" x 5.5"